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The legendary Suzuki Swift Sport, often called the barometer of the hot hatch genre, is back!

The new model takes its place at the top of the Suzuki Swift range, and while it stays true to the Swift Sport motto of light weight and seat-of-your-pants driving, it introduces forced induction and direct injection for increased, and more immediate, power.

The Suzuki Swift Sport was designed to wow its growing fan base and champions of the hot hatch genre in general. The new model is lower, wider and longer than its predecessor and stands out from its lesser siblings thanks to a range of hot hatch inspired additions.

The most prominent change to the Suzuki Swift Sport is perhaps the all-new front design. The entire nose has been redesigned and is unique to the Swift Sport. It includes a larger and reverse-slanted front grille with honeycomb pattern, straddled by two large cut-outs with integrated fog lights.

The front lights are LEDs with long light-bar type LED daytime running lights and there is a front splitter with carbon-fibre type patterning to round off the sporty look.

Suzuki’s engineers designed the 1.4 BOOSTERJET engine with a very short intake manifold, an integrated exhaust manifold and, in the Swift Sport, a pendulum-style engine mounting system for additional rigidity. The compact design of the engine has also allowed the engineers to better position the engine for improved weight distribution and a low centre of gravity.

Lastly, the engineers replaced the direct-action variable valve timing (VVT) of the previous naturally-aspirated engine with a new roller rocker-type VVT-system for more progressive power delivery, especially at high revs.

The Swift Sport also features a unique air intake system with dual air-intake pressure sensors and two electric fans on the front radiator, leading to 34% better cooling efficiency and 38% greater airflow to the engine, compared with the previous model.

The wastegate inside the engine is electronically controlled, and in comparison, with other iterations of the same engine this model closes quicker for rapid pressure build-up at overtaking speeds.

With all these engineering improvements and a Swift Sport-exclusive engine mapping, the BOOSTERJET delivers 103 kW at 5 500 rpm (3 kW more than its predecessor) and a whopping 230 Nm in a linear fashion between 2 500 rpm and 3 500 rpm, which is a massive 70 Nm more than its predecessor.

The BOOSTERJET engine propels the new lower and lighter Swift Sport to 100km/h from a standing start in just 8 seconds and is rated for a top speed of 205 km/h.

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