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Suzuki parts and Suzuki accessories are manufactured in Japan by the Suzuki Motor Corporation, which first began building automobiles out of a silk loom factory in 1937. Now responsible for the production of compact cars, SUVs and 4x4s, Suzuki also builds motorbikes, all-terrain vehicles, outboard water motors, wheelchairs and small combustion engines for sale in countries all over the world.

Because the Suzuki brand emphasises precision through consistency, Suzuki parts maintain a high standard of operational efficiency, even though they are made in as many as 35 production facilities spread across 23 countries. CMH Suzuki, as an online retailer operating from 60 automotive dealerships, ensures that you receive impeccable Suzuki service throughout South Africa.

If you’re searching for Suzuki accessories, such as branded mats or tow bars, alloy rims or roof racks, CMH Suzuki provides a wide selection of original equipment manufacturing for sale. If you’re repairing, servicing or building your own Suzuki car, order engine, exhaust, suspension, braking and electrical components from our database of Suzuki parts. Contact a CMH Suzuki dealer to enquire about the Suzuki parts on your requirements list.

Whether you’re interested in modifying your Alto, Swift or SX4, or you need to repair your Grand Vitara or Jimny after an adventurous off-road drive, CMH Suzuki has a wide selection of Suzuki parts that are tailored to complement your car’s performance. And because CMH Suzuki is a South African online retailer that delivers original equipment manufacturing promptly and reliably, you can repair or enhance your vehicle using Suzuki spares that are guaranteed to fit. Decreasing shipping costs, risks and delays is just another part of the bargain.

Searching through phone listings and local automotive dealerships for motor parts, engine parts and body parts can be a laborious process. From simple filters, switches and servicing equipment, to gaskets, gearboxes and ECUs, CMH Suzuki stocks Suzuki auto parts for repair and custom modification. Simply contact your nearest CMH Suzuki dealer to enquire about our Suzuki parts in stock today.

Buying Suzuki accessories such as rubber mats, roof spoilers, side skirts, alloy rims or other elements within a styling kit can customise a car to an owner’s personality. Other, more practical Suzuki accessories, such as locking wheel nuts, lockable fuel caps, load luggage covers and fog lamps, can add security and practical benefits to a car’s more valuable elements.

Performance accessories can include racing drivers’ seats, rear and bumper spoilers and headlamp conversion kits. These race-orientated accessories are often imprinted with Suzuki performance insignia, and are designed to draw attention to a car’s speed and sleek design. Contact a CMH Suzuki dealer if you’re interested in buying Suzuki accessories that improve your vehicle’s personal and practical appeal.

Whether you own a new or used car, CMH Suzuki offers premier Suzuki service that includes arranging vehicle finance and insurance, service booking and the sale of Suzuki parts and accessories. This comprehensive Suzuki service is tailored to ensure that all the options in insurance, finance, servicing and customisation are available to you, and that you have the best advice and guidance from those who know Suzuki motors.

Suzuki repair from the hands of those who work daily with Suzuki motors ensures that you benefit from specialised workmanship. By that same token, if you bring your car in for routine Suzuki maintenance, we’ll place it in the care of those who can extend its value affordably. Suzuki service with CMH Suzuki focuses on ensuring that these vehicles deliver their best performances, whether they’re used, new, modified or just well-loved.

A globally recognised brand that produces more vehicles than many other successful Japanese automotive makers, Suzuki has become a trademark for reliability and efficiency. Modify or repair your car using Suzuki parts, and enjoy the wide variety of engine spares, suspension and braking parts, electrical components and body kit parts that are available to buy.

Customise your vehicle with Suzuki accessories such as rear or bumper spoilers or alloy rims, or indulge in performance parts such as exhaust mufflers or racing seats. Remember that when you buy a new Suzuki or used Suzuki with CMH Suzuki, you have access to our comprehensive Suzuki service, which includes vehicle finance, insurance and service planning. Contact a CMH Suzuki dealer to enquire directly regarding the availability and sale of Suzuki parts and Suzuki accessories.

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